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Nestech Custom Automation Projects

Nestech has vast experience with product automation. We welcome a challenge. On unusual projects, our R&D lab makes a single head prototype to test the viability of the project.  If it's feasible, then we provide a solid quote to our customer.


These are just a few custom projects done recently.

    custom1   custom 4  

First, the plastic nozzle is assembled to the metal collar.
Then, a heat sealed foil membrane is placed on the caulking tube end. Line speeds were 350 parts/minute. The complete line included parts sorters and all handling equipment



Aluminum caps, used for injectable vials, are lined with a silicon material.




  custom3   custom5  

A revolutionary feline transport carrier was developed. Could also be used for dogs.

(this is only a joke...we like pets.)



Complete assembly and closure lining units all mounted on a moveable platform. The product was a hinged spice lid.






Lining with a self cooling liquid compound with injected nitrogen bubbles. Project was for a dairy closure.




Specially designed sorters for sports caps to feed into Nestech lining machines. This model feeds 400+/minute. The assembly of these parts are done using our T-12 turrets.



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