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About Nestech

Nestech specializes in providing post molding automation machinery for the plastic closure and container industries. This includes assembly, closure lining, slitting, parts sorting, and more.  

A large portion of our yearly budget is spent on R&D.  We are always exploring new ways to integrate existing or developing technologies into our machine designs.  There are many patents granted and always several pending applications.  

Our company was established in 1991 and operates in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Nestech is a family owned and operated business. Steve Foldesi Sr. and Steve Foldesi Jr. operate the business.

Our machines are producing profit for their owners in over 30 countries. Most of our customers enjoy a 6 month payback or better on our machines. High efficiencies, low operator costs, and low machine prices make this possible. Repeat business is proof of this.


The latest CNC machining centers and CAD/CAM software is used to produce precision parts for the machines.  

The machines are built for full time, round the clock production.  All potential wear items are over built to the point that Nestech has virtually no replacement parts business.  If there is a need for a spare sensor or conveyor belt, these are readily available from our customers’ usual suppliers.  

Nestech has no long term debt and most suppliers are paid within 10 days or less. Our aggressive payment policy allows us to benefit from a two percent (2%) discount from most suppliers. We also realize that better service is received when people are paid faster.  

 All employees and levels of management are involved in quality control. The machines are tested and run for many hours before a quality certificate is issued to the machine. This means no surprises for our customers.



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